Proctored Exams - Online Courses & Re-exams


Students who take an online course must take and pass a proctored examination in order to receive validation of the training.  This validation is used to attain licensing or for the course to be used for certification. The following steps outline the process for scheduling a proctored exam.  

1) Upon completion of the online course students will receive an email confirming they have completed the online course.

2) ESA/NTS will also be notified that the student completed the course.

3) ESA/NTS will send PSI the candidate information to let PSI know they can be registered for proctored exam.

4) PSI emails the student/candidate instructions on how to schedule the exam.

5) Student schedules the exam through PSI’s website. (Time limit to schedule exam – within 6 months of taking class or they need to retake the course.)  This is a very easy process that allows the student to choose a location and time that fits their schedule.

5) Student takes the exam and at the conclusion is notified immediately if they passed or failed and what areas were strong or weak.

6) PSI sends ESA/NTS notification of exam completions and results.

7) ESA/NTS processes completion and mails out candidate certificates.

Additional information regarding the examination scheduling, registration, and testing procedures can be found in the ESA Candidate Information Bulletin.

PLEASE NOTE: If the student fails the exam they may request a re-exam from ESA/NTS. Students may take the exam a maximum of 3 times. All exams, including re-exams, must be completed within 6 months of course completion.

Proctored Exam Cancellation Policy

A candidate may cancel and reschedule an examination appointment if their cancellation notice is received 2 days before the scheduled examination date. For example, for a Thursday appointment, the cancellation notice would need to be received by the close of business on the previous Tuesday.

They may call PSI at (800) 733-9267 or fax a note to (702) 932-2666. Please note that they may also use the automated system, using a touch-tone phone, 24 hours a day in order to cancel and reschedule their appointment.

Note: A voice mail message would not be an acceptable form of cancellation. A candidate should use the internet, automated telephone system, or call PSI and speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Missed appointment or late cancellation:

A candidate’s registration will be invalid, they will not be able to take the examination as scheduled if they:

- Do not cancel their appointment 2 days before the scheduled examination date;
- Do not appear for their examination appointment;
- Arrive 15 minutes after examination start time;
- Do not present proper identification when they arrive for the examination.

Candidates who need to be rescheduled due to missing, arriving late, not bringing proper identification, or not cancelling their exam appointments within the required time must contact ESA/NTS (888.447.1689) to be rescheduled.  A rescheduling fee of $75 will be required in these instances.  

To Check for PSI Locations Near You:

The following steps are used to see what PSI testing sites may be nearest to you.  Do not use these steps to schedule an exam.

1) Go to:

2) Select "Certification/Professional Associations" from the Organization drop down menu

3) Select "Electronic Security Association (ESA)" from the Sponsor Name drop down menu

4) Click the radio button next to the specific name of the exam/certification/license they are seeking.

5) Click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

6) When the page refreshes, type the zip code or city name in the designated field and select from the pop up the specific location that applies to you.

7) Click "Search"

8) After the page refreshes, you will see the closest available test centers that offer the exam.  Click the checkbox of the test center you would like to check availability for and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

9) Once the page refreshes, you will see the session availability of that test center for the designated date range. 


Candidates failing to achieve a passing score of 70 will be eligible for re-examination. Re-examinations are permitted within 6 months of initial course completion. The course must be retaken if re-exam is requested more than 6 months after initial course.

In order to schedule a re-exam, please submit the Proctored Exam Request Form. Once we have received the request, a link will be sent to make payment. After the payment has been made, the record will be uploaded to PSI and the process will be the same as outlined above.