Troubleshooting, Service and Maintenance/ December 4-6, 2019/ Rochester, NY/ NYSESA


This 22-hour course, followed by a two hour examination, focuses on the maintenance aspects of today’s electronic security systems. It offers dealers and integrators an additional revenue stream and the potential for significant profits through these additional services. The course serves individuals seeking to expand their knowledge on servicing, repairing and maintaining intrusion, fire, video surveillance and access control systems. It also covers the fundamentals of troubleshooting as well as specific troubleshooting procedures for today’s systems. The course includes reference material from NFPA 70, NFPA 72, and NFPA 730 /731 covering the proper test and inspection procedures of these systems.

Who Should Attend? Technicians, service personnel, installation personnel, sales staff, code officials and business owners

22 Hours


December 4-6, 2019
Rochester, NY 
8 am to 5 pm
New York State Electronic Security Association

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Detailed Course Outline:

Troubleshooting, Service and Maintenance will provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of service professionals by teaching essential concepts and methods
  2. Open up new revenue streams for dealers and integrators
  3. Make existing service and maintenance operations more productive and profitable

Subject Areas

  • Preparation
  • Test equipment
  • Basic circuit troubleshooting
  • Panels and power supplies
  • Intrusion and fire alarm devices
  • Communication and notification
  • CCTV • Electronic access control
  • Maintenance and inspections

Certification(s) available: Individuals holding a Certified Alarm Technician Level I for a minimum of 24 months and who successfully complete the Advanced Intrusion Systems course the Fire Alarm Installation Methods course and the Troubleshooting, Service and Maintenance course are eligible for certification as a Certified Service Technician (CST).