Closing Techniques to Effectively Close the Deal CEU


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This one-hour online course provides students an overview of closing the deal with a client in the sales process.

Course Description

Nothing is more self-fulfilling than closing a sale. With that being said, this course focuses on the closing stage of the sales process. After completing this course, students will possess the knowledge to close the deal by using different closing techniques. Students will also be equipped with different methods to overcome a stall.  

What to Expect in the Online Course:

The course is delivered using a presentation style that is built off the exact same content covered in our instructor led course.  The presentation includes text,audio, graphics, videos and activities to help you absorb the information presented. This course has a short quiz at the end which you will be required to pass with a 70% or greater to complete the course.  

NOTE:  Not all state regulatory agencies allow online courses for licensing or CEUs.  Please check with your licensing agency prior to taking this course for licensing.


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Cancellation Policy:

If the student has completed less than ¼ of the course and a request is made to cancel, a refund is available less a 25% administrative fee. Students may choose to transfer their funds to another ESA/NTS provided course if less than ¼ the course has been completed. Transfers will not be issued until the class materials, including the course manual, is returned in like new condition to ESA/NTS. Fund transfers cannot be made to non-ESA/NTS courses due to the varied payment terms established by the Training Providers. Cancellation requests made beyond one-quarter through the course will not be refunded or transferred. 

1 hour
Must spend 1 hour in class

Detailed Course Outline:

Course Learning Objectives

  • Define the meaning of the Closing stage and explain its purpose
  • Identify what characteristics you must possess in order to successfully close the customer presentation
  • Describe how to tell the time is right to close the sale
  • Explain the definition of a planned pause and its purpose during the closing
  • Describe types of closing techniques including how to handle customer’s stalling