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  • Advanced Intrusion Systems - ONLINE 14 hours Intrusion_Button
  • Certified Alarm Technician Level I - ONLINE 22 hours Intrusion_Button
  • Electronic Access Control - ONLINE 14 hours Access_Button
  • Fire Alarm Installation Methods - ONLINE 14 hours Fire_Button
  • Life Safety Code - ONLINE 7 hours Multi_Button
  • Understanding Electronic Security Systems - ONLINE 7 hours Intrusion_Button
  • Video System Technologies - ONLINE 14 hours Video_Button
  • Ethical Client Relations CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Codes and Standards Refresher CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Fundamentals of Networking CEU 4 hours Networking_Button
  • Home Theater Demystified CEU 4 hours Theatre_Button
  • Introduction to the Digital Home CEU 4 hours Networking_Button
  • Job Safety Reminders CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Methods to Reduce False Alarms CEU 1 hour Intrusion_Button
  • Residential Fire Alarm - CEU ONLINE 7 Hours Fire_Button
  • Troubleshooting Closed Circuit Video Systems CEU 1 hour Video_Button
  • Troubleshooting Communications and Notification Devices CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Troubleshooting Fire Alarm Devices CEU 1 hour Fire_Button
  • Troubleshooting Intrusion Alarm Devices CEU 1 hour Intrusion_Button
  • Troubleshooting Panels and Power Supplies CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Troubleshooting Using Test Equipment CEU 2 hour Service_Button
  • Selling Commercial Systems Effectively: 8 Lessons in Selling Your Business Value Over Low Price CEU 4 hours Sales_Button

State Licensing Requirements

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Please be aware that not all of ESAs online CEU courses may be approved by the regulatory agency for use to renew your license

NTS training is currently not a requirement for licensure and/or continuing education in your state. However, through NTS training, technicians, sales personnel and managers can stay up to date on the latest technologies and practices. We offer a variety of courses covering Intrusion, Fire, Access Control, Video Systems, Service and Sales via online or instructor led classroom training.  Select a link to view the NTS Digital Catalog, Online Courses or Find a Class near you!

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