Montana Training

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  • Certified Alarm Technician Level I - ONLINE 22 hours Intrusion_Button
  • Fire Alarm Installation Methods - ONLINE 14 hours Fire_Button
  • Life Safety Code - ONLINE 7 hours Multi_Button
  • ZZ Product 2018_44
  • CFAT Online Bundle - Non-member 3 Courses bundles_Button
  • Basic Circuit Troubleshooting and Testing CEU 2 hour Service_Button
  • Codes and Standards Refresher CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Ethical Client Relations CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Fundamentals of Networking CEU 4 hours Networking_Button
  • Home Theater Demystified CEU 4 hours Theatre_Button
  • Introduction to the Digital Home CEU 4 hours Networking_Button
  • Job Safety Reminders CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Methods to Reduce False Alarms CEU 1 hour Intrusion_Button
  • Residential Fire Alarm - CEU ONLINE 7 Hours Fire_Button
  • Troubleshooting Closed Circuit Video Systems CEU 1 hour Video_Button
  • Troubleshooting Fire Alarm Devices CEU 1 hour Fire_Button
  • Troubleshooting Intrusion Alarm Devices CEU 1 hour Intrusion_Button
  • Troubleshooting Using Test Equipment CEU 2 hour Service_Button
  • Troubleshooting Communications and Notification Devices CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Troubleshooting Panels and Power Supplies CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Selling Commercial Systems Effectively: 8 Lessons in Selling Your Business Value Over Low Price CEU 4 hours Sales_Button

State Licensing Requirements

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Training Requirements for Montana:

Regulatory agency:  Montana Department of Labor & Industry - Fire Prevention Licensure Program

  • ESA/NTS’s Certified Fire Alarm Technician (CFAT) Level II Fire certification is approved to meet the standards of licensure for the fire protection program, allowing ESA/NTS’s Level II Fire certification to be an alternative to NICET certification in Montana. Visit to learn more about the CFAT certification, and the other certifications offered.

Continuing Education

An endorsee shall obtain a minimum of eight hours (60 minutes per hour) annually and submit copies of continuing education certificates with the application for renewal. Up to eight hours earned in excess of the eight hours required in a licensing year may be carried over into the succeeding year. All applicants for renewal of endorsements shall have completed continuing education as provided in this rule as a condition to establish eligibility for renewal. The continuing education requirement will not apply until the endorsee's first full year of endorsement. To view the NTS catalog of CEU offerings click here.