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Purchasing this Certified System Integrator certification bundle will give you access to the CAT Level I, EAC, FAIM and VST online courses.


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Bundle Includes:

  • Registration to Certified Alarm Technician (CAT) Level I online course and proctored exam
  • Electronic Access Control (EAC) online course and proctored exam
  • Fire Alarm Installation Methods (FAIM) online course and proctored exam
  • Video System Technologies (VST) online course and proctored exam

How the certification bundle works:

  1. Upon purchasing the CSI bundle you will automatically be registered in the Certified Alarm Technician (CAT) Level I online course. 
  2. Once you successfully complete the CAT Level I (CAT) course you will then be registered in the next course in the certification series, Electronic Access Control (EAC) online course. You can start the course immediately.  
  3. Once the EAC course is complete you will be registered in the Fire Alarm Installation Methods (FAIM) online course
  4. Once the FAIM course is complete you will be registered in the Video System Technologies (VST) online course.
  5. At the conclusion of each online course you will be registered to take the course's proctored exam at PSI testing centers.  You will receive an email from PSI notifying you of your registration and providing you instructions on how to schedule the exam at one of their nationwide testing centers.
  6. You can take the courses' proctored exams based on your scheduling preferences.  You do not need to take the proctored exams before you are permitted to take the next course in the series.  
  7. All proctored exams must be completed and passed with a 70%.
  8. Once all courses and exams are complete you must submit the New Certification request form along with proof of 36 months of field experience.

CSI Online Course Bundle for Non-Members = $1600 

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Detailed Course Outline:

The ESA Certified System Integrator designation will show your customers and licensing agencies and the AHJ that you have the skills and experience to install a variety of alarm systems.

To earn Certified System Integrator status, students must hold a CAT I or higher certification, have 36 months field experience, successfully complete the Electronic Access Control, Fire Alarm Installation Methods course, the Video System Technologies course, and pass each course’s proctored examination.