Florida 14 Hour Continuing Education Course - ECLB Approved


Florida 14 Hour CEU Course Online has been approved for by the Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board as meeting the Florida Statute 489.517 – Contractor’s CEU requirement.

ECLB Provider #0000856 / Course Number: 0802025

PRICE: $199 for ESA members / $225 for Non-Members 

This 14-hour course, plus a 1-hour online examination, provides an overview of the theory, installation, and maintenance of alarm systems. The Florida 14-hour CEU course will cover topics that will allow a licensed contractor to further establish their expertise in the field. This course will provide numerous topics on troubleshooting to help contractors prepare for the varied situations they might encounter and how to more effectively seek a resolution. Special attention will be paid to the building codes, laws, rules, and provisions that apply to the state of Florida. There will also be topics on how to reduce false alarms, create a safe workplace, and interact with clients in an ethical manner.

There are three steps to complete this continuing education course:

  • Complete all components of the online course including spending 14 hours in the online portion.
  • Provide proof of your identity at the beginning and end of the course using the U-Card Proctor U process. NOTE: Requires a webcam, microphone, and government issued picture ID.
  • Pass the end of course online exam with 80% or higher.

Pricing Info:

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14 Hours
Must spend 14 hours in online course, pass the online assessment, and confirm their identity via UCard Proctor U.
Time Limit to Complete :
365 days before course access expires

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Detailed Course Outline:

What to Expect in the Online Course:

The presentation includes text, graphics, videos, and activities to help you absorb the information presented. Each module is concluded by a knowledge checkpoint quiz to make sure you have understood the core concepts presented.  The course ends with a comprehensive assessment test that you must pass with 80% or greater to complete the course.  Your time will be tracked in the course and you must spend 14 hours interacting with the course materials.

Who should attend: Licensed Florida contractors.

Subject Areas:

  • Introduction
  • Troubleshooting Using Test Equipment
  • Troubleshooting Panels and Power Supplies
  • Troubleshooting Intrusion Alarm Devices
  • Troubleshooting Fire Alarm Devices
  • Troubleshooting Communication and Notification Devices
  • Basic Circuit Troubleshooting and Testing
  • Workman's Comp
  • Workplace Safety
  • Business Practices
  • Florida Building Code
  • Florida Laws and Rules
  • False Alarm Prevention