BASA FASA 6 hour Online Renewal Course - Networking and Troubleshooting Basics - ECLB Approved


FASA/BASA Online Renewal -  Networking and Troubleshooting Basics has been approved by the Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board as meeting the Florida Statute 489 for Alarm System Agents and Fire Alarm System Agents. (ECLB Provider #0000856 / Course Numbers: BASAce 0801751 FASAce 0801752)

PRICE: $99 for ESA members / $125 for Non-Members 

This 6 hour FASA BASA course provides a good foundation for those wanting to learn more about networking basics and the foundation of how equipment gets connected and communicates.  In addition, core troubleshooting concepts will be covered including techniques to diagnose and fix issues occurring in intrusion and fire alarm systems.

There are four steps to complete this course and attain a renewed BASA/FASA System Agent ID Card:

  1. Complete all components of the online course including spending 6 hours in the online portion.
  2. Provide proof of your identity at the beginning and end of the course using the U-Card Proctor U process. NOTE: Requires a web-cam, microphone, and government issued picture ID.
  3. Pass the end of course online exam with a 75% or higher.
  4. Submit the BASA/FASA ID Card request form.

Once all of these steps have been completed you will be issued a renewed BASA/FASA ID card.

ECLB Provider #0000856 

This course presents the material necessary to meet the renewal requirements of Florida Statute 489 for Alarm System Agents and Fire Alarm System Agents. 

Pricing Info:

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6 Hours
Must spend 6 hours in online course, pass the online assessment, and confirm their identity via UCard Proctor U.
Time Limit to Complete :
365 days before course access expires

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Detailed Course Outline:

Florida FASA BASA Online Renewal Course - Networking and Troubleshooting Basics

Course Number BASAce 0801751/FASAce0801752 

Subjects Covered include:

  • Networking Fundamentals
    • Understanding Networks & Topologies
    • Storage
    • Cabling
    • LAN & WAN Architecture
    • Troubleshooting Networks
  • Troubleshooting Intrusion Alarm Devices
    • Identify common troubleshooting issues for intrusion panels
    • Define troubleshooting symptoms, problems, and solutions for all 3 methods of connecting devices to the panel
    • Identify troubleshooting methods for burglar system components
    • Explain troubleshooting symptoms, problems, and solutions for both powered and non-powered devices
  • Troubleshooting Fire Alarm Devices
    • Explain the components of a fire/life safety alarm system and how they interrelate
    • Describe how to troubleshoot fire panels, NAC, power supplies and other components of a system
    • Identify how to troubleshoot powered and non-powered devices typical to a fire/life safety alarm system