Steve Anderson

What is your background in the industry?

My experience is operations heavy from a technicians perspective. Over the two decades of hands on experience with the repair, install, or coordinating installation of, new or modified hardware, software, or programming modules of telecommunications systems. I have had opportunities to engineer, install, maintain or security systems, programmable logic controls, and other security-related electronic systems. Many times this included the assemble and install of communication equipment such as data and telephone communication lines, wiring, switching equipment, wiring frames, power apparatus, computer systems, and networks. Wireless devices, traditional hardwired devices and a combination of both have often found their place in the systems I've worked with. My experience includes testing circuits and components of malfunctioning telecommunications equipment to isolate sources of malfunctions. This is often performed using test meters, circuit diagrams, polarity probes, and other hand tools. My greatest passion in this industry is to teach others. To provide active dialog that encourages others to ask questions, dig for answers and continue learning. Engaging in the training of personnel on security procedures or use of security equipment is a win for everyone.

What would you consider to be your specific area of expertise?

Security industry specifically, access control is my strongest skillset. But one of my biggest strengths is my communication skills. I enjoy learning and teaching. I work very well with others, and understand that everyone has different perspectives about projects and work tasks - so when I work with others I realize that everyone comes to the table with different priorities and objectives. I keep this in mind when I communicate tasks that need to be accomplished and when teaching. Many of us learn differently so I teach with positive reinforcement and awareness that others may have something to share that I too can learn.

Why have you invested your time in being a NTS Instructor?

Learning is the lifeblood of a fruitful career. The resources for training have never been more plentiful. Learning is a choice and I value others by using their time effectively to prepare them to be a better industry leader. Learning is a discipline. It takes humility to admit that we have much to learn, but this realization can be a catalyst to the kind of lifelong learning that helps us improve, thrive, and contribute in a way that is deeply meaningful to ourselves and others. I am an instructor to provide resources of enlightenment.

What does it mean to you to teach others your craft?

Every generation brings its own skill sets, ideas and challenges to the workplace. Our industry can benefit a great deal by having our colleges share information with each other. If the importance of knowledge sharing is stressed at an industry level and the culture of the industry puts emphasis on sharing, employees will focus on working together to pass the knowledge baton and ensure future success of their teams and the industries success as a whole.