Gary Talma

What is your background in the industry?

I started out in the industry as a Installation/Service Technician from 1989-1995. After several years of that i became a Technical/Operations Manager from 1995 - 2011. Since 2011 I've been a Senior Technical Trainer. I've been an NTS instructor for 20 plus years.

What would you consider to be your specific area of expertise?

My expertise is in residential and small commercial security. I have vast knowledge in all aspects of these areas such as Security Panels, Devices, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Fire and more.

Why have you invested your time in being a NTS Instructor?

I enjoy teaching new technicians in the industry. Giving them the skills and know how to achieve a career in this industry.

What does it mean to you to teach others your craft?

It means teaching them to do their job correctly. Short cuts in this industry can have a detrimental effect on life and safety. When in class I stress the importance that what you install today can protect property and perceivably save a life. You can make a difference!