Selling Commercial Systems Effectively: 8 Lessons in Selling Your Business Value Over Low Price CEU


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Course Description

If your sales team is frustrated with losing to lower price competitors, it is time to change the rules of the game. These lessons will teach your sales team how to differentiate their value by how they sell solutions. This field proven course is authored by Paul Boucherle CPP CSC who has 35 years of successful security sales experience and author of “Business Fitness” column in Security Sales & Integration Magazine.

This course will show you how to sell business value from the security industry perspective.  The successful sales process includes a system of tasks that are completed in a specific order. Students are taught this system using the VALUE process: Verify, Ask, Listen, Understand, and Engage.Unlike many sales training courses, this course was designed by someone who has successfully sold, managed sales team and consulted for over 35 years. Lessons learned by working with end users, manufacturers, distributors and system integrators are shared in this module. This builds credibility with participants. This training is media rich, has tools, is challenging, and narrated by the author, Paul Boucherle CPP CSC.

What to Expect in the Online Course:

The online presentation includes text,audio, graphics, videos and activities to help you absorb the information presented. This course has an assessment at the end which you will be required to pass with a 70% or greater to complete the course.  

NOTE:  Not all state regulatory agencies allow online courses for licensing or CEUs.  Please check with your licensing agency prior to taking this course for licensing.


State Approvals:

AL-Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure (AESBL)

LA-Louisiana Office of the State Fire Marshal: Life Safety & Property Protection Advisory Board (LSPPA)

Louisville, KY-Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD)

MS-Mississippi Office of the State Fire Marshal: Electronic Protection Systems Division

NC-North Carolina Department of Public Safety: Alarm Systems Licensing Board (NC DPS-ASLB)

TX-Texas Department of Public Safety: Private Security Bureau (TX DPS-PSB)

TN-Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance: Alarm Systems Contractors Board

4 hours
Must spend 4 hours in class

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Detailed Course Outline:

Course Outline:


  • Set realistic expectations
  • Select target accounts
  • Establish success metrics
  • Challenge participant
  • Industry credibility
  • Gain commitment early

Module 1: Verification

  • Why Verification matters
  • What facts are important
  • How to organize facts
  • How to use the tools
  • Preparing for prospect or customer’s first impression

Module 2: Asking Business Questions

  • The right questions to ask
  • How to ask the questions
  • The impact of questions
  • Qualifying questions
  • Skill building tools

Module 3: Listening

  • Why listening matters
  • Active listening skills
  • Self assessments
  • Skill building exercises

 Module 4: Understand

  • Understand ROSI
  • Enable decision makers
  • Alignment of goals
  • Practical tools for ROSI

Module 5: Engage

  • Earn the right to present
  • Support decision making
  • Presenting obstacles
  • Presenting strategies
  • How to present effectively

Module 6: Convergence

  • Understand system types
  • Discreet wiring
  • CAT 5 wiring differences
  • Value of convergence
  • Challenge of convergence

Module 7: Bridges™

  • Understand the players
  • Recognize opportunities
  • Understand goals
  • Build allies
  • How to 6 step BRIDGE™ building process

Module 8: Deliver Value

  • Understand ROSI
  • Enable decision makers
  • Alignment of goals
  • Practical tools for ROSI