Wayne Jones

What is your background in the industry?

I have spent twenty three years in Residential and commercial work providing Fire, Intrusion, access Control, Video Surveillance, Home Automation, and other systems. This included the Installation of a range of systems from small residential to large Integrated Systems. I have also been an instructor for approximately twenty years teaching for ESA as well as teaching State and private courses. During this time I worked for several companies including running my own for ten years. My experience included positions in engineering and sales and design. Previous experience in the IT world helped me establish a strong background in computer networking. This networking experience provided the basis for knowledge in IP Networking and WI-FI wireless networking which has become a major communications platform in our industries. This experience, I believe, gives me a great deal of value to offer back into the industry as well as to technicians, designers and sales specialist.

What would you consider to be your specific area of expertise?

I really enjoy Access Control and Video Surveillance especially when designing and installing integrated systems. The process of designing integrated systems, in many cases provides the opportunity to apply new technologies and software techniques. This, along with the different applications that are encountered, are what makes these projects so challenging.

Why have you invested your time in being a NTS Instructor?

I enjoy teaching and receive a great deal of satisfaction from it. Along with the transfer of knowledge to students, the feedback that I receive from the students helps me to stay abreast of whatís happening in the industry. Iíve always believed if one really wants to know something, teach it.

What does it mean to you to teach others your craft?

Passing on knowledge and experience helps to provide better technicians and designers providing improved services to our industries customers. Over the years I have seen the improvements in the quality and professionalism of the students that have and are attending class. The foundation they are gaining positions them for the future.