North Carolina Training

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  • Certified Alarm Technician Level I - ONLINE 22 hours Intrusion_Button
  • Advanced Intrusion Systems - ONLINE 14 hours Intrusion_Button
  • Electronic Access Control - ONLINE 14 hours Access_Button
  • Fire Alarm Installation Methods - ONLINE 14 hours Fire_Button
  • Life Safety Code - ONLINE 7 hours Multi_Button
  • Understanding Electronic Security Systems - ONLINE 7 hours Intrusion_Button
  • Video System Technologies - ONLINE 14 hours Video_Button
  • CEU Bundle - 24 hours 24 hours bundles_Button
  • CEU Bundle - 12 hours 12 hours bundles_Button
  • CEU Bundle - 8 hours 8 hours bundles_Button
  • CEU Bundle - 6 hours 6 hours bundles_Button
  • CEU Compliance Bundle - 3 hours 3 hours bundles_Button
  • Basic Circuit Troubleshooting and Testing CEU 2 hour Service_Button
  • Codes and Standards Refresher CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Ethical Client Relations CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Fundamentals of Networking CEU 4 hours Networking_Button
  • Introduction to the Digital Home CEU 4 hours Networking_Button
  • Methods to Reduce False Alarms CEU 1 hour Intrusion_Button
  • Troubleshooting Communications and Notification Devices CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Selling Commercial Systems Effectively: 8 Lessons in Selling Your Business Value Over Low Price CEU 4 hours Sales_Button
  • Residential Fire Alarm - CEU ONLINE 7 Hours Fire_Button
  • Approaching a New Client - Laying the Groundwork CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Asking the Right Questions to Identify Your Clients Needs CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Closing Techniques to Effectively Close the Deal CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Codes and Standards Refresher, including NEC CEU 2 hours Service_Button
  • Egress Control and Exit Devices CEU 2 hours Service_Button
  • Home Theater Demystified CEU 4 hours Theatre_Button
  • How to Present the Best Solution for Your Client's Needs CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Introduction to Commercial Sales CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Job Safety and False Alarm Reduction CEU 2 Hours Intrusion_Button
  • Job Safety Reminders CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Life Safety and Fire Alarm Systems CEU 1 hour Fire_Button
  • Life Safety and Occupancies CEU 3 hours Service_Button
  • Maintenance and Inspections Processes to Avoid Trouble CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • National Electrical Code as it Applies to Fire Alarm Systems CEU 1 hour Fire_Button
  • Prospecting for Potential Clients CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Selling Commercial Access Control Systems CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Selling Commercial Fire Alarm Systems CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Selling Commercial Intrusion Systems CEU 1 hour Sales_Button
  • Selling Commercial Video Surveillance Systems CEU 1 Hour Sales_Button
  • Selling Integrated Systems CEU 1 Hour Sales_Button
  • Troubleshooting Closed Circuit Video Systems CEU 1 hour Video_Button
  • Troubleshooting Fire Alarm Devices CEU 1 hour Fire_Button
  • Troubleshooting Intrusion Alarm Devices CEU 1 hour Intrusion_Button
  • Troubleshooting Panels and Power Supplies CEU 1 hour Service_Button
  • Troubleshooting Using Test Equipment CEU 2 hour Service_Button
  • Troubleshooting, Service, and Maintenance CEU Series 6 hours Service_Button

State Licensing Requirements

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Please be aware that not all of ESAs online CEU courses may be approved by the regulatory agency for use to renew your license.

For any questions regarding Instructor Led Courses or specific licensing requirements, please contact the North Carolina Electronic Security Association at 919-459-2079 or .

Training Requirements for North Carolina:

Regulatory agency: North Carolina Department of Public Safety-Alarm System Licensing Board

Burglar Alarm Experience - Applicant must establish to the Board's satisfaction two years’ experience within the past five years in alarm systems installation, service or alarm systems business management. If the applicant cannot establish this experience, the applicant must provide verification of completion of the NTS Certified Alarm Technician Level I course.

Continuing Education

The rules require each licensee to complete at least 6 hours of CE training during each two-year renewal period. Registered employees are required to complete 3 hours of CE training during each renewal period. As a result, anyone renewing a license or registration on or after July 1, 2002 must have completed his or her continuing education hours within the previous two-year licensing or registration period. While all licensees must complete the CE training, these requirements only apply to registrants who are engaged in installation, service, sales or monitoring of alarm systems [as per Rule 11 .0501]. Some employees who are required to be registered, such as clerical/secretarial, will not be required to complete the CE credits. To view the NTS catalog of CEU offerings click here.